This site promotes Frozen, written and directed by Juliet McKoen, with Shirley Henderson and Roshan Seth, produced by Mark Lavender, co-financed by Zentropa. Frozen, a film by Juliet McKoen with Shirley Henderson & Roshan Seth, and an outstanding line-up of supporting U.K. actors, produced by Mark Lavender, Frozen is selected for the London & the AFI Los Angeles 2004 film festivals. Described as a •strikingly beautiful debut featureę. Supported by Zentropa; Film London; North West Vision, Northern Film & Media and Scottish Screen.
“A disappearance, unlike a death, frustrates and tantalizes because of its lack of closure. The missing person becomes a creation of memory and imagination, both outside time and time’s victim. There is never a chance to definitively mourn.”
Jason Cowley, Unknown Pleasures

Frozen is the feature film debut of writer/director Juliet McKoen, whose previous work includes the BAFTA/Kodak-winning short Mavis and the Mermaid (2001). Frozen is the first collaboration between Lars von Trier’s Danish production company Zentropa and an English company with a female director.

‘ Kath reaches the other side’
The film was shot predominantly on location in Fleetwood, Lancashire, on High Definition DV. As the culmination of a series of personal works which explore the people and places of Morecambe Bay, its central image is the Bay’s dangerous but seductively beautiful and frozen landscape, which haunts the lead character Kath and serves as a visual representation of her emotional state.

Juliet says: “The starting point was this powerful and poetic article called Salvaging the Sacred, in which Marion Partington, cousin of Martin Amis, describes the emotional effects of her sister Lucy being missing for 21 years. (Lucy was eventually discovered to be one of the West victims).

“ This article lay dormant in my mind until a woman’s body was fished out of Coniston, the nearest lake to my home in Cumbria. She quickly became known as the ‘Lady in the Lake’ and was later confirmed as the wife of a local schoolteacher who had disappeared 20 years ago, leaving two small children. Their father still shops in my local Asda.

“ It was when a friend, who works in the probation service locally, told me that the Lady in the Lake’s sister had also been murdered, that the two stories coalesced in my mind. What, I wondered, was it in a family that caused two sisters to meet the same, statistically unlikely, fate? What must it feel like to have a sister, missing without trace?”

‘ Underwater’
The estuary vision sequences in Frozen were shot miles out in Morecambe Bay, only a couple of miles away from the spot where, a few months later, 23 Chinese cocklers lost their lives when they were cut off by the tide.

“It’s difficult to find words to describe the pain and disorientation of someone simply disappearing without trace. It’s a bit like trying to search for a body that is trapped somewhere beneath the frozen Arctic Ocean. As the freeze continues, there is no sign of a thaw, no sign of a seal hole. The features of that world become distorted as the seasons pass and the ice builds up, and you have to go inside and get warm if you want to survive.”
From the article Salvaging the Sacred by Marion Partington.