This site promotes Frozen, written and directed by Juliet McKoen, with Shirley Henderson and Roshan Seth, produced by Mark Lavender, co-financed by Zentropa. Frozen, a film by Juliet McKoen with Shirley Henderson & Roshan Seth, and an outstanding line-up of supporting U.K. actors, produced by Mark Lavender, Frozen is selected for the London & the AFI Los Angeles 2004 film festivals. Described as a •strikingly beautiful debut featureę. Supported by Zentropa; Film London; North West Vision, Northern Film & Media and Scottish Screen.

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A fish porter winds up Hurricane Frank

CCTV of Annie's last walk

Jim discovers Kath on the Jacinta

Kath and her sister Annie in happier times

Kath and Noyen

Kath and Steve discuss the rogue frame

Kath on the other side

Kath running on the sands

Kath sees her sister

Kath walks towards the Jacinta

Kath watches footage of her sister's last walk

Noyen bathes Vellam

The ferryman appears

The girl in the red coat

Underwater Ice Hole

Kath, the ferryman and the girl

Kath by the river in a vision landscape

Kath stands alone in a vision landscape